Sentence Examples

  • The island was colonized at an early date by Phoenicians, attracted probably by its gold mines; they founded a temple of Heracles, which still existed in the time of Herodotus.
  • He also re-colonized Siberia, which had been slipping from the grasp of Muscovy, and formed scores of new settlements, including Tobolsk and other large centres.
  • Nevis was discovered by Columbus in 1498 and first colonized in 1628 by the English from St Kitts.
  • According to the Vinland saga in Hank's Book, Leif Ericsson, whose father, Eric the Red, had discovered and colonized Greenland, set out on a voyage, in 999, to visit Norway, the native land of his father.
  • Colonized by Saxons in 1178, it then received its German name of Klausenburg, from the old word Klause, signifying a "mountain pass."