Sentence Examples

  • These colonists hoisted the British flag on Peel Island (Chichijima), and settled there.
  • Xxxiii.), also of the settling of foreign colonists in Samaria by Esar-haddon (Ezra iv.
  • Samaria had experienced several changes in its original population, 2 and an instructive story tells how the colonists, in their ignorance of the religion of their new home, incurred the divine wrath.
  • The Indian name of the place was Patuxet, but the colonists called it New Plymouth, because they had sailed from Plymouth, England, and possibly because they were aware that the name of Plymouth had been given to the place six years before by Captain John Smith.
  • (4) The Meshcheryaks, a tribe of Finnish origin who formerly inhabited the basin of the Oka, and, driven thence during the 15th century by the Russian colonists, immigrated into Ufa and Perm, where they now live among the Baskhirs, having adopted their religion and customs. (5) The Teptyars, also of Finnish origin, settled among the Tatars and Bashkirs in Samara and Vyatka.

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