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  • Long, and runs between Colon and Panama; it was made possible by the rush of gold-miners across the isthmus in the years immediately after 1849; was financed by the New York house of Howland & Aspinwall - Aspinwall (later Colon) was named in honour of the junior member, William Henry Aspinwall, (1807-1875) - and was completed in February 1855 at an expense of $7,500,000.
  • It was purchased by De Lesseps's Compagnie Universelle de Canal Interoceanique de Panama for $25,500,000; and, with the other holdings of the French company, 68,869 shares (more than 97% of the total) passed to the 1 Christobal, the port of Colon, and Balboa, the port of Panama, lie within the canal zone and are under the jurisdiction of the United States.
  • There are several telegraphic and telephone systems; a wireless telegraph station at Colon; and telegraphic cables from Colon and Panama which, with a connecting cable across the isthmus, give an " all-cable " service to South America, to the United States and to Europe.

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