Sentence Examples

  • Collections which may be consulted are: Codex diplomaticus Saxoniae regiae (Leipzig, 1862-1879); the Archiv fir die sachsische Geschichte, edited by K.
  • A great part of the original of the Chronicle has been published by Adolf Bauer (Leipzig, 1905) from the Codex Matritensis Graecus, 22 I.
  • If a codex could not be obtained by fair means, he was ready to use fraud, as when he bribed a monk to abstract a Livy and an Ammianus from the convent library of Hersfield.
  • Norberg (Codex Nazaraeus, liber Adami appellatus, 3 vols., Copenhagen, 1815-1816, followed by a lexicon in 1816, and an onomasticon in 1817), is so defective as to be quite useless; even the name Book of Adam is unknown to the Mandaeans.
  • 8, from the Codex Nuttall, publications of the Peabody Museum.