Sentence Examples

  • This identification of Pregnani with James de la Cloche is, however, intrinsically incredible.
  • We are asked to read into the Pregnani story a deliberate intrigue on Charles's part for an excuse for having James de la Cloche in England.
  • There would still remain, no doubt, the possibility that Pregnani, though not James de la Cloche, was nevertheless the "man in the mask."
  • Already in 1662 the king had sent Sir Richard Bellings to Rome to arrange the terms of England's conversion, and now in 1668 he was in correspondence with Oliva, the general of the Jesuits in Rome, through James de la Cloche, the eldest of his natural sons, of whom he had become the father when scarcely sixteen during his residence at Jersey.
  • In The Man of the Mask (1908) Monsignor Barnes, while briefly dismissing Mr Lang's identification with Martin, and apparently not realizing the possibility of reading Louvois's letter of July 19, 166 9, as indicated above 1 deals in detail with the history of James de la Cloche, the natural son of Charles II.

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