Sentence Examples

  • And whereas in the 1920s it would be worn with stockings, some foundation garments and a small brimmed cloche hat, in the modern era women can go bare-legged and top the dress with a wide-brimmed hat for full facial sun protection.
  • A cloche isn't practical to use throughout the winter for large sections of the garden, but for one or two areas it may take some southern gardens through a few freezes in January and February.
  • This identification of Pregnani with James de la Cloche is, however, intrinsically incredible.
  • We are asked to read into the Pregnani story a deliberate intrigue on Charles's part for an excuse for having James de la Cloche in England.
  • There would still remain, no doubt, the possibility that Pregnani, though not James de la Cloche, was nevertheless the "man in the mask."

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