Sentence Examples

  • Until I'm certified, I'll do clerical jobs and help out.
  • I charge him for the office space and clerical help but we operate independently.
  • Incensed by the elevation to the rank of embassies of the Italian legation in Paris and the French legation to the Quirinal, and by the introduction of the Italian bill against clerical abuses, the French Clerical party not only attacked Italy and her representative, General Cialdini, in the Chamber of Deputies, but promoted a monster petition against the Italian bill.
  • An example of this is found in the ninth canon of Chalcedon, which also illustrates the enforcement upon a clerical plaintiff in dispute with a brother cleric of that recourse to the arbitration of their ecclesiastical superior already mentioned.
  • Opinion there was in an excited state, the priests and the populace being inflamed against the anti-clerical decrees of the National Assembly of France.