Sentence Examples

  • Cleanser, anti-bac, quick wrap.
  • This property is usually obtained by mixing soft and hard soaps, or, more rarely, by adding gum tragacanth to a hard soap. In the textile trades the wool scourer employs a neutral olive-oil soap, or, on account of its cheapness, a neutral curd or curd mottled brand; the cotton cleanser, on the other hand, uses an alkaline soap, but for cleaning printed cottons a neutral olive-oil curd soap is used, for, in this case, free alkali and resin are objectionable; olive-oil soap, free from caustic alkali, but often with sodium carbonate, is also used in cleansing silk fibres, although hard soaps free from resin are frequently employed for their cheapness.
  • And if any minor scratches do occur, they can simply be polished away with a diluted cream cleanser.
  • A natural colon cleanser, stimulating the gut to expel waste Citrus fruit, berries Why?
  • A facial includes cleanser, tone massage and a face pack.

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