Sentence Examples

  • The buildings, which are mostly of red brick, are conspicuous against the gray clayey and sandy soil.
  • The soil is a clayey or a sandy loam, and very fertile except in the Usar tracts, where there is a saline efflorescence.
  • The soil is exceedingly rich and well adapted to all kinds of agricultural purposes, and for the most part is composed of a rich black loam reposing on a grey sandy clay, though occasionally it exhibits a light yellow clayey texture.
  • The greater part of the Maremma now affords pasture to large herds of horses and half-wild cattle, but on the drier parts corn is grown, the people coming down from the hills to sow and to reap. The hill country just inland, especially near Volterra, has poor soil, largely clayey, and subject to landslips, but is rich in minerals.
  • The common souslik lives in dry, treeless plains, especially on sandy or clayey soil, and is never found either in forests or on swampy ground.

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