Sentence Examples

  • About 20 gallons of lemon juice should yield about 1 0 lb of crystallized citric acid.
  • Citric acid, being tribasic, forms either acid monometallic, acid dimetallic or neutral trimetallic salts; thus, mono-, diand tri-potassium and sodium citrates are known.
  • - This includes sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, tartaric, citric, acetic and lactic acids, all of which owe their action to their acidity.
  • The preparations of lithium used in medicine are: Lithii Carbonis, dose 2 to 5 grs.; Lithii Citras, dose 5 to io grs.; and Lithii Citras effervescens, a mixture of citric acid, lithium citrate, tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate, dose 60 to 120 grs.
  • When prescribed it is generally rendered more soluble in water by the addition of dilute sulphuric acid or of citric acid, one drop of the former or 4ths of a grain of the latter being used for each grain of the quinine sulphate.

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