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  • Discoveries expressed in the new terms of the orders Ciconiiformes and' Charadriiformes.
  • Order Ciconiiformes.-Swimmers or waders.
  • Pelargomorphae = Ciconiiformes + Anseriformes + Falconiformes.
  • Ciconiiformes Suborder.
  • Orders: Ichthyornes, Colymbiformes, Sphenisciformes, Procellariiformes, Ciconiiformes, (Suborders: Steganopodes, Ardeae, Ciconiae, Phoenicopteri), Anseriformes (Sub-orders: Palamedeae, Anseres), Falconiformes (Sub-orders: Cathartae, 1 Craniata may be usefully divided into 3 grades: (a) Branchiata Heterodactyla, which includes Pisces except Cyclostomes.

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