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  • It was only the chronologists and historians of the church who, following Julius Africanus, made use of apocalyptic numbers in their calculations, while court theologians like Eusebius entertained the imperial table with discussions as to whether the dining-hall of the emperor - the second David and Solomon, the beloved of God - might not be the New Jerusalem of John's Apocalypse.
  • 2 This discovery in itself suggests that all chronological data are not to be treated as of equal value and arranged mechanically like the pieces of a Chinese puzzle; and further, that no more than a provisional acceptance should be accorded any statement of the later native chronologists, until confirmed by contemporary records.
  • Up to the time of the execution of Panyasis, which is placed by chronologists in or about the year 457 B.C., there is every reason to believe that Herodotus lived at Halicarnassus.
  • Chronologists, In General, Reckon The Year Preceding The First Of The Era I, The Next Preceding 2, And So On.
  • Various dates - ranging from 625 B.C. to 583 B.C. - have been assigned by different chronologists to this eclipse; but, since the investigations of Airy,2 Hind, 3 and Zech, 4 the date determined by them (May 28, 585 B.C.) has been generally accepted (for later authorities see Eclipse and Astronomy).

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