Sentence Examples

  • Daudet, Hisroire de ?emigration (3 vols., Paris,1886-1890and 1904-1905), and La Police et les chouans sous le consulat et l'empire (Paris, 1895); G.
  • This situation opened up to him materials of which he made use in his first and most popular historical work, Histoire de la Vendee et des Chouans, 3 vols., 1806.
  • CHOUANS (a Bas-Breton word signifying screech-owls), the name applied to smugglers and dealers in contraband salt, who rose in insurrection in the west of France at the time of the Revolution and joined the royalists of La Vendee.
  • The Chouans then waged a guerrilla warfare against therepublicans and, sustained by the royalists and from abroad, carried on their assassinations and brigandage with success.
  • After the death of Cottereau, the chief leaders of the Chouans were Georges Cadoudal and a man who went by the name of Jambe d'Argent.

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