Sentence Examples

  • CHEVROTAIN, a name taken from the French to designate the various representatives of the mammalian ungulate family Tragulidae.
  • Kanchil and napu African Water Chevrotain (Dorcatherium aquaticum).
  • Junker, by whom it was mistaken for a large water-chevrotain or zebra-antelope, states that to the natives of the Nepo district the okapi is known as the makape.
  • Other species include the hog deer (C. porcinus), the barking deer or muntjac (Cervulus muntjac), and the chevrotain or mouse deer (Tragulus meminna).
  • A chevrotain is found in Balabac. The house rat, introduced by man, is a common nuisance, and mice occasionally seriously damage sugar-cane and rice.

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