Sentence Examples

  • Wolff, in the intervals of his chequered theological career, lectured and wrote as a jurist upon the Law of Nature.
  • That the tradition of the titles requires careful sifting is no longer doubted, and the results of recent criticism have been to confirm the view that " it is no longer possible to treat the psalms as a record of David's spiritual life through all the steps of his chequered career " (W.
  • John Knox, who, after a chequered career, had come under the influence of Calvin at Geneva, returned to Scotland for a few months in 1 555, and shortly after (1557) that part of the Scottish nobility which had been won over to the new faith formed their first " covenant " for mutual protection.
  • E.S.E., and separated by high intermont valleys, which are choked with disintegrated material and divided into a chequered pattern of self-contained, shallow lacustrine basins.
  • With much that was sordid and brutal in his character George combined a highly cultivated literary taste, and in the course of his chequered career he had found the means of collecting a splendid library, which Julian ordered to be conveyed to Antioch for his own use.

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