Sentence Examples

  • A wider selection is available at Fotosearch and these graphics are royalty free; however, you will need to pay a considerable amount for the image itself.Clipartof has an adorable assortment of cheerleader graphics available for download.
  • Another category of cheerleading quotes belongs in the realm of advice given from one cheerleader to another, ranging from exhortations of courage to cautionary phrases about the dangers of letting ego and vanity get the better of you.
  • In the novel series, Elena is a blonde cheerleader and embodies many of the qualities that have been divided between Caroline and Elena in the television series while the TV series version of Bonnie embodies both Bonnie and Meredith.
  • After not making the real Spartan cheerleading squad, they show up at a football game as "unofficial cheerleaders", but of course cause enough havoc to be asked to leave by a "real" Spartan cheerleader played by Quentin Tarantino.
  • If you are not at all familiar with cheerleading, or if you're a young potential cheerleader hoping to learn as much as you can about this sport, there has never been a better opportunity to access information over the Internet.