Sentence Examples

  • Among objects used are a pool of ink in the hand (Egypt), the liver of an animal (tribes of the North-West Indian frontier), a hole filled with water (Polynesia), quartz crystals (the Apaches and the Euahlayi tribe of New South Wales), a smooth slab of polished black stone (the Huille-che of South America), water in a vessel (Zulus and Siberians), a crystal (the Incas), a mirror (classical Greece and the middle ages), the finger-nail, a swordblade, a ring-stone, a glass of sherry, in fact almost anything.
  • 115): "Ahi, Costantin, di questo mal fu matre Non la tua conversion, ma quella dote Che da to prese it primo ricco patre !"
  • Chih-li, Kiang-si, Che-Kiang), S.
  • There is no sufficient ground for finding an allusion to this act in the noted line of Dante, "Che fece per viltate it gran rifiuto" ("who made from cowardice the great refusal," Inferno, 3, 60).
  • This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Che to Chr.

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