Sentence Examples

  • Away, on the left bank of the Usumacinta river, stand the ruins of Men-che or Lorillard city.
  • Dante places persons guilty of simony in the third bolgia of the eighth circle of the Inferno: "O Simon mago, 0 miseri seguaci, Che le cose di Dio the di bontate Deono esser spose, voi rapaci Per oro e per argento adulterate."
  • Among objects used are a pool of ink in the hand (Egypt), the liver of an animal (tribes of the North-West Indian frontier), a hole filled with water (Polynesia), quartz crystals (the Apaches and the Euahlayi tribe of New South Wales), a smooth slab of polished black stone (the Huille-che of South America), water in a vessel (Zulus and Siberians), a crystal (the Incas), a mirror (classical Greece and the middle ages), the finger-nail, a swordblade, a ring-stone, a glass of sherry, in fact almost anything.
  • 115): "Ahi, Costantin, di questo mal fu matre Non la tua conversion, ma quella dote Che da to prese it primo ricco patre !"
  • Chih-li, Kiang-si, Che-Kiang), S.

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