Sentence Examples

  • Among the products are coco-nuts, sago, fish, trepang, timber, copra, maize, yams and tobacco.
  • The islands produce some coco-nuts, sago, trepang and timber.
  • The produce of the Eastern Islands is also collected at its ports for re-exportation to India, China and Europe - namely, gold-dust, diamonds, camphor, benzoin and other drugs; edible bird-nests, trepang, rattans, beeswax, tortoiseshell, and dyeing woods from Borneo and Sumatra; tin from Banka; spices from the Moluccas; fine cloths from Celebes and Bali; and pepper from Sumatra.
  • Whalers, sealers and traders followed in the wake of explorers, the traders dealing chiefly in copra, trepang, pearls, tortoiseshell, &c. The first actual settlers in the islands were largely men of bad character - deserting sailors, escapers from the penal settlements in Australia and others.
  • The only means of subsistence is primitive agriculture on a poor soil, turtle and trepang fishery and cattle-rearing.