Sentence Examples

  • Prophecy is identified with the " unclean spirit," the pretender to visions is threatened with death by his parents, and, so great is the general contempt for the class, protests that he is no prophet but a tiller of the ground, accounting for the wounds on his person (such as these charlatans used to inflict on themselves) by declaring that they were received in the house of his friends (that is, apparently, in a drunken quarrel); from a very different point of view Joel ii.
  • His most popular contemporaries seemed to him to be false guides, and charlatans had ousted the heroes.
  • The Gnostic ideas of salvation were in the later schools and sects transferred to these persons whom we must consider as rather obscure charlatans and miracle-mongers, just as in other cases they were transferred to the person of Christ.
  • Charlatans and hypocrites who were gathered under the same roof.
  • De Bresetz; Les Charlatans modernes, ou lettres sur le charlatanisme academique (1791); Les Aventures du comte Potowski (published in 1847 by Paul Lacroix, the "bibliophile Jacob"); Lettres polonaises (unpublished).

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