Sentence Examples

  • Cha, Chalaza.
  • I don't have any what-cha-call-it to mix.
  • Servian is sometimes called shtoka y ski because the Servian word for " what " is shto, whereas the Croats say cha for shto, and therefore their language is called chaka y ski.
  • Kerp, Ann., 1896, 290, p. 123): CH2 C(CH3) 3CH3 CO CH3-(CHa)2C? ??CH CH 2 COQ by the condensation of succinic acid with sodium ethylate, followed by saponification and elimination of carbon dioxide:- 2C2H4(COzH) C 2 - H2 CH 2 CO CO.
  • A cha p e took place when the c g P revival.

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