Sentence Examples

  • In Geryonia, centripetal canals, ending blindly, arise from the ring-canal and run in a radial direction towards the centre of the umbrella (fig.
  • 40); in Geryonia, however, it remains double, and the centripetal canals arise by parting of the two layers; (4) excretory endoderm, lining pores at the margin of the umbrella, occurring in certain Leptomedusae as socalled " marginal tubercles," opening, on the one hand, into the ring-canal and, on the other hand, to the exterior by " marginal funnels," which debouch into the sub-umbral cavity above the velum.
  • The radial canals are four, six, eight or more, and in some genera blindly-ending centripetal canals are present (fig.
  • Olindiadae, with four radial canals and four gonads; manubrium short; ring-canals giving off blind centripetal canals; tentaculocysts enclosed.
  • H, " Otoporpae " or centripetal process of the marginal cartilaginous ring connected with tentaculocyst.

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