Sentence Examples

  • From 1873 to 1876 he was president of the United States Centennial Commission, the great success of the Centennial Exposition being largely due to him.
  • Fentress, Centennial History of the U.S. Navy Yard at Portsmouth, N.
  • Whittier had in his lifetime commemorated him in his poem "The Hero," in which he called him "the Cadmus of the blind"; and in 1901 a centennial celebration of his birth was held at Boston, at which, among other notable tributes, Senator Hoar spoke of Howe as "one of the great figures of American history."
  • The sesqui-centennial of Pittsburgh, elaborately observed in 1908, marked the beginning of a new period of corporate, educational, social and material development.
  • Dudley, Nantucket Centennial Celebration; Historic Sites and Historic Buildings (Nantucket, 1895); Obed Macy, History of Nantucket (Boston, 1835); L.