Sentence Examples

  • Its chief distinctions are that during the later Republic and earlier Empire it yielded excellent soldiers, and thus much aided the success of Caesar against Pompey and of Octavian against Antony, and that it gave Rome the poet Virgil (by origin a Celt), the historian Livy, the lyrist Catullus, Cornelius Nepos, the elder and the younger Pliny and other distinguished writers?
  • The Nervii, Bellovaci, Suessiones, Remi, Morini, Menapii and Aduatuci were Belgic tribes; the Tarbelli and others were Aquitani; while the Allobroges inhabited the north of the Provincia, having been conquered in 121 B.C. The ethnological divisions thus set forth by Caesar have been much discussed (see Celt, and articles on the chief tribes).
  • MacDaire, the famous Munster warrior, and the children of Calatin Dana, in revenge for their father's death (see Celt: Irish Literature).
  • GILDAS, or Gildus (c. 516-570), the earliest of British historians (see Celt: Literature, " Welsh"), surnamed by some Sapiens, and by others Badonicus, seems to have been born in the year 516.
  • Webster, " The Celt-iberians," Academy xl.

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