Sentence Examples

  • The earth should be drawn up to celery with a hoe preparatory to earthing up with a spade.
  • The earthing up of celery this month is not to be recommended, unless a little very early supply is wanted.
  • The potato although successfully cultivated in Persia since about 1780, has not yet found favor, and the same may be said of the tomato, asparagus celery and others.
  • The surrounding country is famous for its celery, and the city is an important manufacturing centre, ranking third among the cities of the state in the value of its factory products in 1904.
  • - Sow asparagus, sea-kale, Turnip-rooted beet, salsafy, scorzonera, skirret, carrots and onions on heavy soils; also marrow peas, Longpod and Windsor beans, turnips, spinach, celery, RIII.