Sentence Examples

  • The earth should be drawn up to celery with a hoe preparatory to earthing up with a spade.
  • The earthing up of celery this month is not to be recommended, unless a little very early supply is wanted.
  • The potato although successfully cultivated in Persia since about 1780, has not yet found favor, and the same may be said of the tomato, asparagus celery and others.
  • Plant out kales and broccoli for late crops; plant celery (earthing up the advancing crops as required), endive for succession, and a few coleworts.
  • The city manufactures pianos, refrigerators, printing presses and leather; is a centre for the shipment of fruit and celery; and has valuable fisheries near - fresh, salt and smoked fish, especially whitefish, are shipped in considerable quantities.