Sentence Examples

  • Store of wine was contained in six amphorae, and in two bronze cauldrons were mutton-bones.
  • She stepped from the final building and watched men and women carry cauldrons towards the bonfire area.
  • "Oil of mace," or nutmeg butter, is a solid fatty substance of a reddish-brown colour, obtained by grinding the refuse nutmegs to a fine powder, enclosing it in bags and steaming it over large cauldrons for five or six hours, and then compressing it while still warm between powerful wedges, the brownish fluid which flows out being afterwards allowed to solidify.
  • Specimens of jaettegryder or giant's cauldrons may be seen at Gaardaasen and Vindalsbugt, some upwards of 2 3 ft.
  • Khatzidakis found there three large houses, each with some twenty rooms and upper storeys, and a unique collection of bronzes, an ingot, some enormous cauldrons, and a statu ette of a praying man.

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