Sentence Examples

  • Mint Mania: This recipe for minty tea comes from the National Gardening Association: Mix three tablespoons dried peppermint, one tablespoon dried catnip, one tablespoon rose petals, and one tablespoon lemon verbena; brew and drink.
  • Pests will often avoid strong smells, and some of the best organic pesticides use plant sprays containing garlic, catnip or other stinky plants to create an unwelcoming environment for bugs.
  • Now rub it with some catnip to make it twice as inviting, then spray your furniture with citrus spray to make it smell repellant to your feline.
  • Organic controls include planting vegetables and flowers that naturally repel the pests, such as calendula, catnip, broccoli and radish.
  • The Cat Claws Scratching Pad is a unique texture in your home and is loaded with organic catnip to attract your cat's attention.