Sentence Examples

  • Monoecious, and bearing their male flowers in catkins, they are readily distinguished from the rest of the catkin-bearing trees by their peculiar fruit, an acorn or nut, enclosed at the base in a woody cup, formed by the consolidation of numerous involucral bracts developed beneath the fertile flower, simultaneously with a cup-like expansion of the thalamus, to which the bracteal scales are more or less adherent.
  • The male flowers are in small clusters on the usually slender and pendent stalk, forming an interrupted catkin; the stamens vary in number, usually six to twelve.
  • It is characterized by its needle-leaved Coniferae, its catkin-bearing (Amentaceae) and other trees, deciduous in winter, and its profusion of herbaceous species.
  • To take, for example, one of the most characteristic features of the Palaearctic region, its catkin-bearing glpridiini,c frpec ~,, North Amnt4ra ~ fnA nrnrgar~, the came a-pliers as in the Old Worldoaks, chestnuts, beeches, hazels, hornbeams, birches, alders, willows and poplars.
  • - Catkin of Male ing pendulous anthers and pro Flowers of Hazel.

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