Sentence Examples

  • By parity of reasoning a blood ritual may have been adopted by peoples who practise the expulsion of evils, conceiving them either animistically or as powers; catharsis, in the sense of removal of uncleanness, is not necessarily primitive.
  • This raises the problem of how far the catharsis dealt with above is in its original form an elimination of impurity, and how far something more definite - a spirit or other principle of evil - is held to be expelled by scapegoat and allied ceremonies.
  • Dante ' s own anger at the darkness of his times here achieves catharsis through Mark's condemnation.
  • Finding subversive catharsis, random murder is depicted as not only enjoyable but indispensable for the men's peace of mind.
  • First, the creative experience, when completed, may generate a catharsis.

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