Sentence Examples

  • Capa, cappa, a cape, but whether Hugh received it from the cape which he wore as abbot of St Martin's, or from his youthful and playful habit of seizing caps, or from some other cause, is uncertain.
  • Capa, cappa), a liturgical vestment of the Western Church.
  • Before this the so-called cappa choralis, a black, bell-shaped, hooded vestment with no liturgical significance, had been worn by the secular and regular clergy at choir services, processions, &c. This was in its origin identical with the chasuble, and if, as Father Braun seems to prove, the cope developed out of this, cope and chasuble have a common source.'
  • Father Braun cites numerous inventories and the like to show that the cope (pluviale) was originally no more than a more elaborate cappa worn on high festivals or other ceremonial occasions, sometimes by the whole religious community, sometimes - if the stock were limited - by those, e.g.
  • The immantatio was the solemn investiture of the newo e immediately after his election b Papat means of the cappa rubea, with the papal powers.

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