Sentence Examples

  • Failing to dislodge them, and surrounded by hostile troops and an infuriated peasantry, Dupont capitulated with over Battle of 20,000 men.
  • Dupont capitulated at Bailen into the hands of Castanos, and Junot at Cintra to Wellesley; while Europe trembled at this first check to the hitherto invincible imperial armies.
  • Paris capitulated on the 3oth of March, and the Delenda Carthago, pronounced against England, was spokenof Napoleon.
  • The royal government was too much exhausted to overthrow even a decaying power like that of the parlements, and being still more afraid of the future representatives of the French people than of the supreme courts, capitulated to the insurgent parlements.
  • The whole feudal system crumbled before the revolutionary insistence of the peasants; for their masters, bourgeois or nobles, terrified by prolonged riots, capitulated and gradually had to consent to make the resolutions of the 4th of August a reality.

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