Sentence Examples

  • I don't need the calories anyway.
  • Before technology and prosperity, virtually everyone spent long hard days scraping together enough calories for themselves and their family to survive.
  • By one count, rice is the principle source of calories for about half the planet.
  • 158.6 calories; this means that the replacement of a hydrogen atom by a methyl group is attended by a constant increase in the heat of combustion.
  • Thus the equation Cl 2 -1-2KI, Aq=2KC1, Aq+12+52400 cal., or (C12) +2KI, Aq =2KC1, Aq+[12]-I-52400 cal., would express that when gaseous chlorine acts on a solution of potassium iodide, with separation of solid iodine, 52400 calories are evolved.