Sentence Examples

  • The large calorie is equal to 1000 cal.
  • The dynamical equivalent of the calorie is 4.18 X Io 7 ergs or C.G.S.
  • Carnot verified this by calculating the values of F'(t) at various temperatures from the known properties of vapours and gases, and showed that the efficiency function diminished with rise of temperature, as measured on the scale of the mercury or gas thermometer, from about 1.40 kilogrammetres per kilo-calorie per degree C. at o° C. to about I 11 at Ioo° C., according to the imperfect data available in his time.
  • 0906 c.c., and was taken as being equivalent to 79 calories (I calorie =15.59 mgrm.
  • In the practical use of the instrument it is not necessary to know both the latent heat of fusion of ice and the change of volume which occurs on melting; it is sufficient to determine the change of volume per calorie, or the quantity of mercury which is drawn into the bulb of the apparatus per unit of heat added.

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