Sentence Examples

  • The unit of heat assumed in the table is the calorie at 20° C., which is taken as equal to 4.180 joules, as explained in the article Calorimetry.
  • Its Relation To The Calorie At Any Given Temperature, Such As 15° Or 20°, Cannot Be Determined With The Same Degree Of Accuracy As The Ratio Of The Specific Heat At 15° To That At 20°, If The Scale Of Temperature Is Given.
  • Measure is equivalent to 4.177 joules per calorie at 16.5° C., on the scale of Joule's mercury thermometer.
  • In order to be independent of the accuracy of the thermometer employed for observing the initial temperature of the water introduced, it has been usual to employ water at ioo° C., adopting as unit of heat the " mean calorie," which is one-hundredth part of the heat given up by one gramme of water in cooling from ioo° to o° C. The weight of mercury corresponding to the mean calorie has been determined with considerable care by a number of observers well skilled in the use of the instrument.
  • There Can Be No Doubt, However, That The Final Result Is The Most Accurate Direct Determination Of The Value Of The Mean Calorie Between O° And Ioo° C. In Mechanical Units.