Sentence Examples

  • On the other hand, the Artemis of Arcadia, who is confused with the nymph Callisto, who, again, is said to have become a she-bear, and later a star, and the Brauronian Artemis, whose maiden ministers danced a bear-dance, are goddesses whose legend seems unnatural, .and is felt to need explanation.
  • Zeus, to conceal the amour, changed Callisto into a she-bear; Hera, however, discovered it, and persuaded Artemis to slay Callisto, who was placed amongst the stars as iiptcros (" the bear").
  • There is no doubt that Callisto is identical with Artemis; her name is an obvious variation of KaXMiaTrt, a frequent epithet of the goddess, to whom a temple was erected on the hill where Callisto was supposed to be buried.
  • Callisto was originally a bear-goddess worshipped in Arcadia, identified with Artemis, when nothing remained of the original animal-worship but name and ritual.
  • The worship of Callisto being merged in that of the greater divinity, she became the handmaid and companion of Artemis.

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