Sentence Examples

  • Both Moslem and Chinese art are closely connected with calligraphy, but Hindus rarely use writing for ornament.
  • As for the languages of Japan and China, they have remained essentially different throughout some twenty centuries in spite of the fact that Japan adopted Chinese calligraphy and assimilated Chinese literature.
  • In a line is fatal to good calligraphy, both among the Chinese and the Japanese.
  • Thirteen generations of the same family carried on the work, each using a stamp with the same ideograph, its calligraphy, however, differing sufficiently to be identified by connoisseurs.
  • One contained in the Shah Jahan Nama - a gorgeous specimen of illuminated Persian manuscript and exquisite calligraphy - represents a most ordinary, middle-aged Oriental, with narrow black whisker fringing the cheek and meeting the tip of the chin in a scanty, pointed beard; a thin moustache sweeps in a semicircle from above the upper lip; the eyebrow over the almond-shaped eye is marked but not bushy.

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