Sentence Examples

  • The art teacher was proficient in the art of calligraphy.
  • In the English-speaking world, we most often think of calligraphy as having to do with Latin and the illuminated manuscripts, often religious in nature, that were printed by hand by scribes in the days before moveable type.
  • This type of calligraphy also uses many special tools, such as ink from an inkstone, which must be ground and mixed with water, paper made with special materials like rice and mulberry and brushes made from animal hair.
  • Of course, like with baby shower invitations, you can also try your hand at making your own card on your home computer or making a handmade card with three-dimensional details, calligraphy, or other special touches.
  • Unfortunately, there are people who are selling machine done writing and will say they are doing "calligraphy" because they are actually using a computer or a machine that replicates the style of calligraphy.