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  • Or the toxin may be precipitated with other organic substances, purified to a certain extent byre-solution, re-precipitation, &c., and desiccated.
  • The record of these recensions is preserved by two epigrams, one of which proceeds from Artemidorus, a grammarian, who lived in the time of Sulla and is said to have been the first editor of these poems. He says, " Bucolic muses, once were ye scattered, but now one byre, one herd is yours."
  • Thus the buildings forming the residence of a well-to-do farmer of the bo-aire class as described in the Laws, consisted of a living-house in which he slept and took his meals, a cookinghouse, a kiln for drying corn, a barn, a byre for calves, a sheepfold and a pigsty.
  • Cow byre The shop itself is a former cow byre, scrubbed and white washed, but sadly not staffed by milkmaids.
  • Formerly a cow byre, it is of stone construction under a slate roof.

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