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  • 32); subulate or slightly broadened at the base and drawn out into a point like an awl, as in Butomus umbellatus; or clavate, that is, narrow below and broad above, as in Thalictrum.
  • - Quadrilocular or tetrathecal anther of the flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus).
  • IiXtr t ta, a water-plant mentioned by Dioscorides), in botany, a natural order of monocotyledons belonging to the series Helobieae, and represented in Britain by the water plantain, Alisma Plantago, the arrow-head, Sagittaria, the star-fruit, Damasonium, and flowering rush, Butomus (from the Gr.
  • - Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus).
  • The fruit of Butomus is of interest in having the seeds borne over the inner face of the wall of the leathery pod (follicle).

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