Sentence Examples

  • In 1650 he became burgomaster of Dort and member of the states of Holland and West Friesland.
  • Finally, in 1447 Frederick III., king of the Romans, after negotiations with Eugenius, commanded the burgomaster of Basel not to allow the presence of the council any longer in the imperial city.
  • After her marriage with Rodde, the burgomaster of Libeck, she devoted herself to domestic duties.
  • On the 8th of August representatives from every class in the capital urged the necessity of a vigorous resistance; and the citizens of Copenhagen, headed by the great burgomaster Hans Nansen, protested their unshakable loyalty to the king, and their determination to defend Copenhagen to the uttermost.
  • But the government and the people displayed a memorable and exemplary energy, under the constant supervision of the king, the queen, and burgomaster Nansen.