Sentence Examples

  • Boulenger, "Ceratohyla bubalus carrying eggs on its back," P.Z.S., 1903, ii.
  • They are divisible into two groups, an African and an Asiatic, both of which are generally included in the sub-genus, or genus, Bubalus, although the latter are sometimes separated as Buffelus.
  • The remains of a gigantic ox, Bubalus Baini, have been obtained from the alluvium near the Modder river.
  • ANOA, the native name of the small wild buffalo of Celebes, Bos (Bubalus) depressicornis, which stands but little over a yard at the shoulder, and is the most diminutive of all wild cattle.
  • The domestic Indian buffalo (Bos bubalus) exists as a wild animal in North Australia; it is very liable to revert to a wild state, being little altered from its still-existing wild ancestor.

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