Sentence Examples

  • In the end, there was no rekindling of this bromance as Corey Feldman has stated publicly on numerous occasions that he just isn't that into Haim anymore and doesn't wish to speak to him.
  • For all you gentlemen that have a man-crush on Brody Jenner or just want to be his new best friend, here are the principles of Bromance.
  • Brody is a reality-TV star in his own right, best known for his minor roles on The Hills and his buddy finding show, Bromance.
  • Brody Jenner, who has appeared on the reality TV series' The Prices of Malibu and Bromance, got involved in the altercation.
  • The premise for Jenner's new upcoming reality show Bromance is similar to The Bachelor - but without all the kissing.

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