Sentence Examples

  • BRAHMAPUTRA, a great river of India, with a total length of 1800 m.
  • Long.) the course of the Brahmaputra has been traced by native surveyors.
  • The extension of their power westward down the valley of the Brahmaputra was very gradual, and its success was by no means uniform.
  • In the Brahmaputra valley steamers carry as much as 86% of the exports, and 94% of the imports.
  • We know now for certain that the great Tsanpo of Tibet and the Brahmaputra are one and the same river; that north of the point where the great countermarch of that river from east to west is effected are to be found the sources of the Salween, the Mekong, the Yang-tsze-kiang and the Hwang-ho, or Yellow river, in order, from west to east; and that south of it, thrust in between the extreme eastern edge of the Brahmaputra basin 94 23" 94°48' 94°49' 94° 58' and the Salween, rise the dual sources of the Irrawaddy.