Sentence Examples

  • If you have no previous experience with basic bookkeeping, you may wish to speak with a qualified accountant to see what records will be necessary and determine how starting your business will affect your family's tax liability.
  • Although helpful, the accounting aspects of these programs are insufficient to manage all of the organization’s bookkeeping needs, making it necessary for it to acquire separate software for the task.
  • Paperless applications make it painless to get the bookkeeping end of your sign-up completed, and money from sales is delivered promptly -just two days after the transaction- once things are rolling.
  • As a small business owner, the designer will be responsible for attracting and retaining clients, bookkeeping, taxes, hiring (and firing) staff, and other management functions.
  • He needs to have the analytical skills involved in completing the bookkeeping tasks, payroll, and being careful not to go over the budget when working with vendors.