Sentence Examples

  • Of the United States, but as the general amnesty of the 25th of December 1868 included Davis, an order of nolle prosequi was, entered in February 1869, and Davis and his bondsmen were thereupon released.
  • Hittites were made tributary bondsmen by Solomon, 1 Kings ix.
  • The Bondsmen were more lavish than their opponents in their promises to the natives and even invited a Kaffir journalist (who declined) to stand for a seat in the Assembly.
  • There was the same king possessing theoretically almost absolute power, both administrative and legislative; the same nobles who limited his effective power by rebellion, their constant effort to keep the crown elective, and his no less steady, and by the 10th century victorious, effort to make it hereditary; the same distinction between the few free, who are also the rich owners of land, and the many serfs, who are partial bondsmen, or the slaves pure and simple.

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