Sentence Examples

  • My advice is to mix in the familiar pieces that you love with some of your boho things (your necklaces, and such) so that you can wear the style you want but still look like an individual and not like a fashion plate.
  • Both girls have spent significant time working on the design of their clothing line, but it is Mary-Kate who is most often credited for creating her "boho chic" line of clothing.
  • If you are in love with the louche, boho look of stars like Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, and Sandra Bullock, then a Lucky Brand handbag should be one of your go-to accessories.
  • Josie Boho Wrap: This look, with its bright pink color and slinky, stretch-knit fabric, is a fun one that is well suited for any woman who loves a sunny, colorful pattern.
  • You can try your creative hand at cargo or canvas pants, but know that nothing breaks in, frays apart and unearths the same boho cool charm as a pair of denim shorts.

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