Sentence Examples

  • However, a big part of the price of the PS3 went into the Blu-ray player, so you could make use of that existing technology instead.It should be noted that the PlayStation 3 only contains a Blu-ray player and not a Blu-ray burner.
  • You will, however, still have to pay a fair price for the HD-DVD, as HD-DVD format owners were allowed to trade in their discs for Blu-ray discs or purchase Blu-ray discs at a discount when the HD-DVD format finally went under.
  • There are many different ways to find a DVD or Blu-Ray disc of a movie that you want, and most stores that carry DVDs will be able to get the movie that you want through their company's catalog if they do not already carry it.
  • HD DVD Reviews boasts over 6000 DVD, HD DVD and Blu-Ray reviews from recent movies like The Soloist starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., to the classic comedy Spaceballs starring John Candy and Bill Pullman.
  • Most people would look to the PlayStation 3 for its ability to play Blu-ray movies and some of the best video games, but the home gaming console is actually a fully functional entertainment machine as well.