Sentence Examples

  • Throughout the game, you'll encounter victims of the bloodlust of Lazarus and his minions.
  • You have the basic Old West weapons, but you also have some supernatural powers you learn through out the game and you have 'Bloodlust', which is like night-vision in that you can see bad guys better and weapons that may be hidden.
  • As you start, you've got some pretty easy combos to throw at your enemies and as you gain more combos, well, they don't get any harder to pull off, but they do satisfy the bloodlust quite a bit more.
  • There's Bloodlust, T Virus, Scarecrow, Gorgon, Harpie, Black Sclera, Spider Web, Exorcism, Dark Side, Death Dealer, and more.
  • His blood quickened with bloodlust at the thought of ending the life of another miserable vamp.

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