Sentence Examples

  • Taylor Lautner: He's been in show biz since childhood, but it was his grown-up role in the hugely popular Twilight series that made Lautner a heartthrob to teen girls (and even adult women) everywhere.
  • While most of his awards don't carry a high-profile name, Damon's contributions to the biz were officially honored when he received his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on July 25, 2007.
  • Utilizing price comparison tools like MSN shopping,, Yahoo shopping, Biz, and Price Grabber can all help you to find the best school backpack deals available.
  • One thing needs to be clear from the start: it is not possible, at this time, to get absolutely free domain names ending in popular domains like .com, .net, .biz, and the like.
  • Cue leaks to the press about her label refusing to release the album, cancelled summer tours, dramatic changes in management - all the requisite music biz scandal ingredients.