Sentence Examples

  • Biscay is very rich in minerals..
  • Some were described as from sea to sea, and seven times a day, that is to say they could take him anywhere in the kings dominions from the Bay of Biscay to the Straits of Gibraltar, and change him as often as they pleased.
  • Arils Their leaders, Tomas Zumalacarregui in Biscay and Navarre, and Ramon Cabrera in Valencia, were the ablest Spaniards of their time.
  • The Navarre census of 1900, however, showed that the Basque Provir annual rate of increase had risen, between 1897 Biscay (Vizc and 1900, to 89%, or nearly double its former Guipflzcoa Alava amount.
  • Except in Leon and the provinces bordering on the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic, irrigation is almost everywhere necessary for cultivation, at least in the case of certain crops.

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