Sentence Examples

  • The weight of the function is bipartite and consists of the two numbers Ep and Eq; the symbolic expression of the symmetric function is a partition into biparts (multiparts) of the bipartite (multipartite) number Ep, Eq.
  • Each part of the partition is a bipartite number, and in representing the partition it is convenient to indicate repetitions of parts by power symbols.
  • Of parenchyma, like the palm of the hand, as in the sycamore, castoroil plant, &c. The divisions of leaves with radiating venation may extend to near the base of the leaf, and the names bipartite, tripartite, quinquepartite, &c., are given according as the partitions are two, three, five or more.
  • Neither in the plan of Smith's university course nor in the wellknown passage at the end of his Moral Sentiments is there any indication of his having conceived such a bipartite scheme.
  • He held that the Son was a torch lighted at the torch of the Father, that Father and Son are a bipartite light.