Sentence Examples

  • To avoid the possi bility of displacements clue to magnetic influences, the needle may be replaced by a brass or glass rod.
  • The change which often occurs in the mean character and varia bility of the flowers produced at different periods of the flowering season by the same plant is an example of differentiation associated with time of production; as this kind of differentiation is less familiar than differentiation according to the region of production, it may be well to give an example.
  • Bearing in mind that with ordinary trade balances there is always a possi - bility of the scale-pans and chains getting interchanged, these conditions require; (a) That the beam without the scale-pans and chains must be equally balanced and horizontal; (b) that the two scale-pans with their chains must be of equal weight; (c) that the arms of the beam must be exactly equal in length; i.e.
  • Mr Chamberlain then called a general meeting on his own responsi bility in February, when a new constitution was proposed; and in May, at the annual meeting of the Liberal-Unionist council, the free-food Unionists, being in a minority, retired, and the association was reorganized under Mr Chamberlain's auspices, Lord Lansdowne and Lord Selborne (both of them cabinet ministers) becoming vice-presidents.
  • What is put before us, whether by the senses or by the statements of others, is instinctively accepted as a veracious report, till experience has proved the i P oss P P P bility of deception.